IME is a company dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to the medical diagnostic indutry

2021 - JUL

IME added AI TB & COVID screening assistance as well as a certified image viewer and processor to the ICS platform for added usability.

2021 - JUN

IME launched our cloud based medical secure storage solution, ICS. An easy way to secure your medical study data, documents or images, in an online platform that lets your easily sort and search through your medical studies. ICS was designed to be a POPPI compliant medical solutions that is more budget friendly than normal PACS systems.

2021 - APR

Intelligent Medical Equipment became licensed MIB (Manufacturing Importing Building) trailer manufacturers. This has allowed us to create our mobile units from scratch ensuring it is the ultimate mobile medical solutions

2021 - MAR

We did the first installation of our fully digital South-African X-ray system, the XR2030, equipped with the IME docking station.

2021 - JAN

Intelligent Medical Equipment started specializing in the manufacture and design of medical x-rays. We also started the design and manufacture of one for our own South African Digital X-ray system called the XR2030. We also designed the IME Docking Station digital flat-panel.


IME manufactured our first ever light-weight medical mobile clinics and started distributing them across South Africa and neighbouring countries.


We imported and installed our first fully digital full x-ray system from DK Medical Systems in Korea.


Intelligent Medical Equipment was created by the founding CEO's.


IME passed projects blog.

X-ray CQ department, a happy smiling customer

Specialized X-ray QC

2021 July | South Africa

IME is a registered X-ray QC inspection body as well as x-ray repair body. This allows us to test and repair equipment on-site. Book your annual QC today with our dedicated QC team leader, Llewellyn.

Drs Swannepoel & Vennote x-ray room, instaleld by ime

Musina Clinic

2021 February | Musina , Limpopo

We installed a full digital x-ray system , from DK Medical Systems, with a digital flat panel for their practice. They were very happy with our swift installation and the quality they are getting from their new DDR system.

Roentes Clinic x-ray room, instaleld by ime

Polokwane Clinic

2021 April | Polokwane, Limpopo

HThe main radiographer has been a client of ours for long and in April she got a brand new Digital x-ray system, from DK Medical Systems, and a digital flat-panel for her clinic. She was very happy with her installation and her new x-ray system as well as the reliable and friendly service she has received over the years.

ICS medical secure cloud storage

I.C.S. Launched!

2021 June | IME Headquarters

With storage costs being through the roof and software integration becoming more and more difficult. We at IME knew we needed to make a better plan. After a lot of dreaming, planning and preparation IME has finally released our new Secure Medical Cloud Storage Platform called The iCS cloud. The iCS Cloud was designed to be used by medical practitioners as an archiving system for medical studies. It is affordable, easy to use and even integrates with PACS or PACS compliant medical software. We have encryption, firewalls and use LRS storage as safety measures. The new era of SAFE digital storage sis here. Rest assured and get your head back in the cloud!