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X-Ray QC

X-ray QC's are tests that are performed to ensure your x-ray system's ability to capture quality diagnostic images of autonomous body parts. IME has over 20 years of experience in delivering QC test. What really puts us above the rest is that we are also an x-ray repair body and will try to repair your equipment, to the best of our abilities, on-site to assist you in passing the test.THAT MEANS NO CALLBACKS!!

IME is a SANAS registered inspectoin body. We are qualified to perform Quality Control on a wide range of medical equipment:

  • X-ray Systems
  • Digital CR X-ray Systems
  • DDR X-ray Systems
  • DICOM Reporting Monitors

X-ray Cal.

The generator must be anually calibrated and output checked during quarterly tests.

Spirometer Cal.

Spirometers must be calibrated by a calibration authoroty. IME is a registered calibration authoroty.

3L Syringe Cal.

3L calibration syringe,used for daily ckecks, must also be calibrated by a calibration authoroty, like IME.

Distance Support


Our specialized technical team can provide technical support online. The only pre-requirement is that you have TeamViewer installed on the laptop that your system is running off of


Equipment Repairs

We are qualified to reapair a wide range of medical equipment and with 20 years of exparience, we relly kow what were doing.

IME is qualified to reapair the following medical equipment:

  • X-ray Systems
  • Electro Magnetical Medical Equipment
  • Medical Software


First, check your builing's DB board to ensure that no switches have been tripped.

Also, be sure to read through the user manual supplied for your system if any error codes come up on your control panel.

Contact IME, your x-ray calibration authoroty, to come and replace your bulb.

The calibration authoroty will then be able to re-calibrate your colimator, due to bean on collimator congruence.

First, ensure that your detector's power supply is swithed on correctly.

Then, if it is a wired panel, ensure that the ethernet canle is connected properly in both sockets.

If the problem still persists please contact us for further assistance.

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