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We at Intelligent Medical Equipment have over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing mobile medical units. When we say we’ve seen and done it all, we really have. With our experience we have come across the most comfortable mobile medical unit solution that can be easy to transfer even for a single person.

This now allows practitioners to have their own mobile units that they can travel with wherever they are most needed. This can easily enable tele-medicine for larger companies through IME MED’s intuitive software solutions. Clinics can now also easily offer medical services in more rural areas or where they are needed. More than one unit in a screening setting can even be linked together to create an easy workflow and record keeping of patients.

IME MED also knows how important our after sales maintenance is on our units in the field. We try our best to always help customers as soon as possible and are always available for online assistance. IME MED’s technicians are trained and registered to deliver QC and Maintenance on most medical systems. See what services we offer here.

Law Compliance

Intelligent Medical Equipment is a licensed M.I.B. (Manufacturing Importing building) Body allowing us to be in control of the full construction of mobile medical units. This alternatively results in allowing us to build trailer bodies that are better suited for transferring specialized medical equipment across South Africa roads. Our double braked axel allows for extra stability as well as easier braking while towing. Our robust trailer bodies are designed to be able to take a lot of weight, for all that super heavy medical equipment.

All mobile units manufactured by IME MED is registered to the company itself. We issue the numberplates and all units that are either sold or being rented will have their own number plate registered to that unit alone.

The pre-set unit box-models, as illustrated below, are not allowed to be modified. The outer build of each trailer is registered under IME MED’s M.I.B. license and can therefore not be modified; However, the inside of the box and what it is equipped with can vary based on your specific needs.


Intelligent Medical Equipment has recently started a new partnership with a software developing company. IME MED will be the sole supplier of their product in Africa under our sister company Eye-Ris. This partnership has allowed us to access amazing COVID & TB screening software. This software is currently being used all over Europe and The Americas.

While W.H.O. declares COVID-19 a pandemic the COVID software will be available free of charge. The TB detection software, however, has a monthly payment. Contact Chantelle for more information on pricing please.

This software ‘reads’ each image carefully and will send you back flagged reports. Flagged reports are only reports that are likely to have COVID or TB and are then sent back for a proper diagnosis. This saves a lot of time and prevents human error from missing something because of having to read to may reports.

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