Intelligent Medical Equipment Deliver information


If products are imported from another country we usually do the import on the client's behalf. Products will then be delivered to our Head Office in Pretoria North from where our technicians will personally transport the system to your premises to complete the product installation and the relevant training needed to be done. Delivering products to customers nationally, once received, can take up to a maximum 7 business days, depending on how busy our technicians are during that time. This time period may also vary depending on were the client is based and the travel time needed to safely transport equipment to the final destination as well as delays that may occur at the customs and pre-clearance application approvals.

Estimated delivery times

x-ray systems: 6-8 weeks

flat-panes: 2-4 weeks

ultrasounds: +-2 weeks

other products: 

*this delivery time excludes the manufacturing time of products that are not in stock.

Local Products:

Deliveries of products that are locally sourced or manufactured by Intelligent Medical Equipment can take up to a maximum of 7 working days to deliver. Delivery time may vary due to patient demographics.

*this delivery time excludes the manufacturing time of products that are not in stock.