We are a company based in South Africa with over twenty years of experience in the medical industry.

As a company, Intelligent Medical Solutions is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and always exceeding our customers expectations. Through specialist sourcing and supplying only trusted, quality brands, we can offer products which cater to our customer's unique needs.

With twenty years of experience in design and diversity, we are able to offer our unique mobile units. These Fully mobile medical units can be designed to a customer's specifications with maximum comfort and mobility.

Our goal is to help our clients to upgrade their existing medical systems to a full spectrum diagnostic system with an affordable finance plan, ensuring they have high-quality diagnostic reports and, most important, the correct equipment for a correct diagnosis. We know buying a full diagnostic system can be pricey that's why we always want to offer solutions that are tailored to our customers and their current and future needs.
Our vision is to improve health care systems across the whole of Africa with innovative medical software systems and state of the art equipment to allow patients access to the medical systems they need but cannot always reach due to it just not being available for them.

We want to make healthcare accessible to all and yes it is still a dream for now but it will soon be reality.

Join us on our path to upgrading the South African Health Care System as we know it

All it takes is some advice from "The Medical Imaging Specialists"

  we're always happy to help 

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