OHS X-ray Mobile Trailer Box Model

Chest X-ray Unit

Features :

  • Workstation PC
  • Chest X-ray System: Detector Stand & Tube Support
  • Onboard UPS (up to 3 hours back-up power)
  • Digital Flat Panel and Image Acquisition Software
  • LED Protected X-Ray Room
  • Audio Booth, Testing Equipment and Software
  • Vision Screener and Software
  • OPTIONAL: eye-ris remote reporting solutions

OHS Consulting Mobile Trailer Box Model

Consultation Unit

Features :

  • Workstation PC
  • Onboard UPS (up to 3 hours back-up power)
  • Spirometer with Software
  • Audio Booth, Testing Equipment and Software
  • Vision Screener and Software
  • Closed off Consultation Room
  • OPTIONAL: eye-ris remote reporting solutions

Mobile Chest X-ray Unit Limited Time Special
Mobile Medical Trailer Options

Box Design Options

Our mobile units come in all different shapes and sizes, with all different accessories. Each design in subject to the requirements of you, our customers. In the illustration you can see the different specs according to which your mobile units can be manufactured.
The following options are the only allowed customizations that can be done to the trailer body according to IME MED's M.I.B. license. You can see, as illustrated, that the outside design of our units are limited to specific options nl: height, base size and 1/2 door.
The inside design and build of a mobile unit, however, is not limited at all. Our specialist designers will help you comfortably migrate the solutions and equipment required by your profession into a mobile setting.
If you have an existing radiology system that you would like to put in a mobile unit, all you have to do is let us come have a look! We will send out one of our specialist technicians to come have a look at your system and see weather it is feasible/mechanically possible to put your system in one of our units. If your unit then passes all the tests, we will send you your quotation.
If you already Have a system go here:

  Bundle Consulting With CXR and a Consulting Unit

For a full Occupational Health Medical Surveillance Solution we always recommend bundling our Mobile OHS Consultation Unit (equipped with audio, visual and lung function screening) with our Mobile Chest X-Ray Unit. Bundling these two products together delivers a full occupational health medical surveillance solution.
This will allow for two practitioners functioning out of two separate units to do their routine testing much faster and more comfortably. You can also easily transfer data between the workstations and link it up to a workflow. Diagnostic mages can easily be stored, protected, sorted and extracted from software available from our sister company eye-ris. this software also allows you to store your Diagnostic Images, for legal reasons, for long periods of time.

Remote Reporting can also be enabled through our sister company eye-ris. You can now easily and quickly receive the diagnosis of your patients. We are also able to install AI COVID and TB screening software that flags any diagnostic images likely to be infected. the COVID software is free of charge as long as W.H.O. declares COVID-19 a pandemic.

There are of course other options you can bundle as well. Like bundling a full x-ray system with a OHS consulting unit to deliver a clinical setting. You can even design your very own consultation unit to consist of only what you need.

Contact Us for more information on the design of a personalized unit.

Chest X-ray Mobile Trailer Box Model

Chest X-Ray System

Features :

  • Chest X-ray System: Detector Stand & Tube Support.
  • Onboard UPS (up to 3 hours back-up power)
  • Compact Generator & easy-to-use Control Panel
  • Digital Flat Panel for fast image acquisition time (3sec)
  • LED protected work area with LED window
  • Intuitive Image Acquisition Software
  • OPTIONAL: Tele-Radi tele-radiology solution


Here at Intelligent Medical Equipment we always go the extra mile when sourcing products for our clients. We take into consideration the value/price ratio, the user friendliness of the product itself and the user software as well as the longevity that each product promises.

We have sourced products that come from reliable manufacturers with ergonomic software and product designs. We were looking to source a solution that bridges as many gaps as possible in the mobile setting.

Intelligent Medical Equipment is fully competent to do calibrations and repairs on the OH equipment we supply (excluding audiometers).

For details on the products that we install in our mobile units please Contact Us directly.